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Balneario de Huacachina # 197 (Por el Boulevard) - ICA - PERU|Telf: (056) 216989|Cel: 956946333|RPM:* 373 795 |RPC:963755704|E-mail: In the complex treatment of arterial hypertension, the dose of Lasix is usually 80 mg / day, preferably a daily dose divided into two doses. A further increase in the dose is not advisable, if the effect is insufficient, add other antihypertensive agents. With pulmonary edema, intravenously injected 40 mg, with an inadequate effect after 20 minutes, you can enter another 20-40 mg. When conducting forced diuresis, 20-40 mg of Lasix in is added to the solution for intravenous infusion. In the future, the dose of Lasix can be adjusted, depending on the water-electrolyte balance and the patient's condition.

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